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  1. EXT: Homemade Projectors For The Broke
  2. EXT: Custom black housing headlights
  3. EXT: Custom Angel Eye Headlights
  4. EXT: Painting stock accord alloys
  5. EXT: All-red Taillights
  6. EXT: Mugen lip Install (all 5th gen. lips)
  7. EXT: Custom Tinted Lenses
  8. EXT: Custom Brake Painting
  9. EXT: Front Bumper Removal : How-To
  10. EXT: The Roof Spoiler DIY
  11. EXT: Hood Pins Installation
  12. EXT: Custom Front Grill
  13. EXT: Painting Your Windshield Wiper Arms
  14. EXT: Rim Polishing
  15. EXT: Door Handle Conversion
  16. EXT: The Rust Removal DIY
  17. EXT: Custom mesh grill- my way!
  18. EXT: Custom Front Grill v. II (blacked out)
  19. EXT: Painting sideskirts/mudflaps/bumper moldings
  20. EXT: Bumper Light conversion (always ON)
  21. EXT: Blackhousing Corner Lenses
  22. EXT: Welding (after a $4000 acident)
  23. EXT: S2000 antenna install
  24. EXT: Mercedes-Style Wipers (single wiper)
  25. EXT:flip flop trunk
  26. EXT: modified ex tips...
  27. EXT: Painted Emblem DIY
  28. EXT: OEM Fog Light installation (USDM 9293, others similar)
  29. EXT: Power Antenna Removal
  30. EXT: Blackout headlights + install
  31. EXT: Replacing Power Antenna Mast
  32. EXT: headlight eyebrows
  33. EXT: Add an OEM look to your Ebay Red/Clear Tails
  34. EXT: door replacement
  35. EXT: Wiper motor linkage rods replacement
  36. EXT: OEM 5th Gen side skirts on a 4th gen
  37. EXT: Custom One Piece Headlights
  38. EXT: DIY detailing
  39. EXT: Fog and driving lights.
  40. EXT: Painting Trim
  41. EXT: Not getting your antenna ripped off in a carwash DYI
  42. EXT: Leaky Trunk Fix
  43. EXT : 90-93 Accord JDM Black Housing How-To:
  44. EXT: better vision/wiper blade switcheroo!
  45. EXT: Lazy Black housing lights
  46. EXT: prepping and priming
  47. EXT: Bumper Removal and Projector Install
  48. EXT: HELLA air horns
  49. EXT: Type-R Lip Install
  50. EXT: Swapping trunk lids - and retaining a working key
  51. EXT: Mesh grill
  52. EXT: mini accord emblem in grill
  53. EXT: extending sideskirts to fit out cars('97 civic example)
  54. EXT: Front License Plate Relocation
  55. EXT: Shaving your Antenna
  56. EXT: Hood Stand-off
  57. EXT: Grill
  58. EXT: Side Mirrors
  59. EXT: 6th gen Civic lip on a CB7
  60. EXT: TSX projectors retrofitted into 90-91 jdm one piece housings ***56K NO WAY
  61. EXT: Spoiler/Tail (Prelude - non-flushmount)
  62. EXT: polishing the stainless steel window trim
  63. EXT: Corner lens blackout
  64. EXT: Front/Rear Emblem Mod
  65. EXT: New Type of front grill
  66. EXT: Fixing Noisy/Loose Windows
  67. EXT: paint and powdercoat polishing
  68. EXT: DIY Grill
  69. EXT: Accord grill hack
  70. EXT: Testors red tail lights
  71. EXT: Vinyl sticker/decal install
  72. EXT: Pinstripe Removal w/o Razor blades
  73. EXT: "T" square Eyelids
  74. EXT: ALTEZZA look alike....(kind of)
  75. EXT: Removing Chrome Trim around windows
  76. EXT: Shaved Door Handles
  77. EXT: 92-93 OEM foglight installation .PDF + Template cutout
  78. EXT: Inexpensive Detailing
  79. EXT: S2k Antenna Install W/ Pictures
  80. EXT: Spray-on Ruby Red Tails
  81. EXT: Re-wiring Hood latch Cable (inside car)
  82. EXT: How To Make a Custom Hood/Scoop
  83. EXT: how to avoid water buildup in your taillights
  84. EXT: Spray-on lense tinting
  85. EXT: "Floating" Grill Badge DIY
  86. EXT: A Complete USDM Black Housing DIY W/ PICS!!! (56K Be Warned!!!)
  87. EXT: A Complete Blacked-Out Corner DIY w/ pics (56K be warned!!!)
  88. EXT: A Complete Black Housed Bumper Marker DIY w/ PICS!!!
  89. EXT: Front Lip
  90. TSX projector Retrofit in USDM housings
  91. EXT: Wheel Caps
  92. EXT: Another Grille
  93. EXT: Custom Rear Spoiler
  94. EXT: Rear Fog Install / Rear Bumper Removal
  95. EXT: DE-Chroming / Painting Emblems
  96. EXT: REAR Lip
  97. EXT: CD5 accord front lip install WITH PIX!
  98. EXT: TSX Retrofit in Eby Housing
  99. EXT : OEM Spoiler Install *pics*
  100. EXT: mod your tailights
  101. Painting Tips: sanding / primer / paint
  102. EXT: Engine shampoo
  103. EXT : Complete JDM Headlight Install
  104. EXT: "Type R" emblem
  105. EXT: Bumper lights as markers
  106. EXT: Alt. Bumper Light marker
  107. ext: DIY paint thread
  108. EXT: Cleaning Small parts
  109. Stripping Paint / Powdercoating
  110. ENG: EXT: Make Your Own Grommet ( Plug )
  111. .: Custom Grille Retrofit (Accord Emblem) by cvc7chris ::. Big Pictures inside!!
  112. EXT: 1990/1991 Amber Bumper Lights.
  113. EXT: *Wagon* Rear Sidemarker Lights
  114. EXT: paint your door and bumper moldings
  115. Diy: How To Replace The Antenna Mast
  116. Painting your Stock Grill emblem any color
  117. EXT: Fixed scratches on back bumper
  118. EXT: hood props
  119. EXT: Rear Wiper Delete
  120. EXT: bumper removal
  121. EXT : Legend lip install.... 56k be warned!!!
  122. EXT: Auto cross numbers
  123. EXT: Checking tire age
  124. EXT: Making your own Corner lights! (Clear, Amber, & Black) PIX!
  125. EXT: 92-93 Floating Accord Grill DIY**ONE OFF**
  126. EXT: Home Made STUBBY Antenna 4 Less then $10.00
  127. EXT: Bumper DRL's
  128. EXT: Complete Amber corners w/ Reflectors 92-93 accord
  129. EXT: Si-T Bumper lights
  130. DIY Amber bumper lights.
  131. EXT: Plastic headlight polishing
  132. EXT: D.I.Y. BLACK GRILL (the cheap way to get a nice black aftermarket looking grill)
  133. DIY: Paint your car: Stage 1 Prep
  134. DIY: Paint your car: Stage 2 Prep for Paint
  135. DIY: Paint your car: Stage 3 Paint
  136. EXT: Tag Insert Install
  137. EXT: DIY Amber Door lights (courtesy lights?)
  138. EXT: black housed amber coners and bumper lights
  139. EXT: Removing Gold Plating from Emblems
  140. HID's from $65 HID kits
  141. EXT : 94-97 Legend lip install
  142. DIY 90-93 JDM Corner Lights...
  143. Ext: Led Drl
  144. EXT: DIY Grill 9091
  145. EXT : CD5 rear lip
  146. EXT : Custom Red/Clears
  147. EXT: 9293 Red/Clear Tail Finishing Touches
  148. EXT: Converting Stock Tails to Red Clear Tails
  149. EXT : Stanley Yellow Fog Caps
  150. EXT: Entire CD5 Rear Lip Installation Fully Covered *56K DIE!*
  151. EXT: Upper Window 3rd Brake Light LED Strip
  152. EXT : CV Axles
  153. EXT: DIY custom eye lids
  154. EXT: 94-97 Integra Fog Light Retrofit
  155. EXT : Secured Emblem on Mesh (not 3m tape)
  156. EXT: DIY Blackhoused Headlights
  157. EXT: Tilt Sun Roof part 1
  158. EXT : Gummiegorillas Do it Nice or Do it Twice A/C Retrofit !!
  159. EXT: Spoon Mirror Retrofit
  160. EXT: Polish Windshield to Remove Wiper Marks
  161. EXT:Toothpaste Headlight Restoration
  162. EXT: Tire pressure
  163. EXT: Hood Bra Maintenance
  164. EXT: Link for exterior paint.
  165. EXT: Heated mirror glass install
  166. De-Chroming exterior side moldings
  167. EXT: universal trunk (fits 90-91 AND 92-93 tail lights)
  168. EXT: Red Honda Emblem for cheap
  169. EXT: DIY NO Melt aftermarket bumper lights
  170. EXT: Step by step trunk key swap.
  171. EXT - Removing wheel well trim (and trim adhesive )
  172. EXT: Minor scratch removal/repair
  173. EXT: OEM wheel buffing/cleaning
  174. EXT: Color Low Beam
  175. JDM headlight restoration and chrome trim fix
  176. Glass polishing
  177. EXT : installing OEM window visors
  178. EXT: Front Lip #2
  179. EXT: Restore Trim Without paint!
  180. EXT: removing/ replacing radiator core support
  181. EXT: Greasing a lock
  182. EXT: Diy hood bra
  183. EXT: Installing antenna gasket
  184. EXT: Make your own tail light gaskets!
  185. EXT: extend lip for wagon
  186. EXT: SideMarkers***No Cutting Required***
  187. EXT: Replacing Sunroof ( GLASS ONLY !! )
  188. EXT: Opening JDM FOGS (90-91)
  189. EXT: 90-91 DIY "G-SQUARE" usable with 92-93 lights
  190. EXT: Chrome DIY JDM Side Skirt Replicas
  191. EXT: Upgrading Wiper blades from newer Hondas
  192. EXT. D.I.Y rear lip
  193. EXT:Shaved Hood Squirters
  194. EXT- 4 way flash when arming alarm
  195. EXT: removing headlights/bumper
  196. windshield washer nozzle tubing mod
  197. Spoon Mirror Retrofit Version 2
  198. EXT: Replacing CV Boots
  199. VID: opening & blackhousing edm corner lights
  200. EXT: Extending Legend Sedan Lip (Gap solution)
  201. EXT: BMW Flushmount (56k? idk)
  202. EXT: JDM One-Piece Headlight Lens Repair
  203. EXT: HoA Badge Install
  204. EXT: CD5 side skirts over CB7 oem sides.
  205. EXT: stock rear wing from accord
  206. EXT: How to fix "B-pillar" gap
  207. EXT : Fog Light Lens Removal
  208. EXT : 1 of a kind HALO PROJECT
  209. EXT : cb9 wagon rear wiper upgrade
  210. EXT: Removing the Tailgate on a CB9 wagon
  211. DIY Index: Exterior
  212. Replacing Front Lower Door Hinge without Removing Fender