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  1. INT: Changing gauge cluster illumination color
  2. INT: Painting your dash trim
  3. INT: Blue Dash Indicator LED's
  4. INT: In-Car Camera Mount
  5. INT: Prelude Shifter, Plate, & Cable
  6. INT: Black door panels
  7. INT: COMPLETE LED DASH - including all switches
  8. INT: Re-Wrapping your interior with vinyl
  9. INT: Indiglo Gauges
  10. INT: Painting interior vinyl and fabric
  11. INT: Removal of Door Panels (manual windows)
  12. INT: Short Throw Shifter by BustedLX
  13. INT: installing oil pressure gauge
  14. INT: Custom Indiglo Gauges
  15. INT: Stock Prelude Short Shifter
  16. INT: CUT/WELD Short Shifter
  17. INT: Switches in the Center Console
  18. INT: Apexi SAFC 2 install
  19. INT : Hidden Engine Immobilizer
  20. INT: installing a 4bidden shifter on a CB9 without cutting up the center console
  21. INT: Radio Harness Conversion
  22. INT: white light up clock
  23. INT: Installing aftermarket steering wheel
  24. INT: Front Seats Removal
  25. INT: Simple Cluster Mod
  26. INT: turbo timer installation
  27. INT: Repair Speaker Mesh
  28. INT: Reverse gauge install! (EX Models)
  29. INT: Racing Seats Mounting
  30. INT: new idea for dash cleaning
  31. INT: CRX Si seat swap
  32. INT: Inoperable Power Door Lock Problem Solution
  33. INT: installing a CB7 C-Pillar bar.
  34. INT: Short shifter.. Welding Vers.
  35. INT: DIY replacing sunroof assembly. The whole thing
  36. INT: Control your antenna
  37. INT: clock modification (easy)
  38. INT: Shift boot and e-brake lever
  39. INT : Map light install EX and SE trim
  40. INT : DIY plastic polishing
  41. INT:DIY custom int door handles (plastic polishing 2)
  42. INT: DIY custom cleared switches (plastic polishing 3)
  43. INT: custom indiglo gauges
  44. INT: Red Door Lights
  45. INT: DIY Short Shifter
  46. INT: headliner and domelight swap
  47. INT: Aftermarket boot using oem pieces
  48. INT: DIY red clock
  49. INT: Painting E-Brake Button
  50. INT: Stereo Removal/installation
  51. INT: E-Brake Relocation-Console Swap
  52. INT: Misaligned glove box/Light stays on
  53. INT: DIY rear veiw mirror modification + handmade trim pieces
  54. INT: Push Button Starter
  55. INT: Removing Front and Rear Speakers
  56. INT: Shifter plate light converted over to LED
  57. INT: Ignition Switch Removal and Install Pictures!
  58. INT: Automatic Shift Knob
  59. INT: Type-R Automatic Short Shifter
  60. INT: Trunk Floor
  61. INT: Repairing coupe rear glove box/compartments
  62. INT: Retrofitting a New Gauge Cluster (non-specific)
  63. INT: Kurobei's CB7 to CD7 slushbox shifter conversion
  64. INT: DIY seized latch fix (door stuck shut)
  65. INT: DIY carpet shampooing without a machine/vinyl cleaning
  66. INT: spin your own Billet accessories
  67. Int: Diy6 Speakers
  68. INT: Automatic Short Shifter DIY
  69. INT: $10 in car camera mount
  70. Subaru OEM Foglight Switch Mod
  71. INT: Camera Mount from things around the house
  72. INT: Driver's Lighted Vanity Mirror (Retrofit)
  73. INT: Satellite radio
  74. INT: Front Tweeter Pods
  75. INT: Custom Wiring
  76. INT: 98-02 ACCORD Instrument Cluster Gauge swap.
  77. INT: Stealth/Hidden Alarm Remote Starter w/ Manual Trans
  78. INT: Shift boot removal
  79. door panel tweeters
  80. INT: DIY Tweeter Pods a la Bang&Olufsen
  81. Snap-On style key
  82. INT: DIY- Katzkin leather seat installation
  83. DIY: Power Mirror Switch Repair
  84. INT : 5th gen Lude Cluster Swap into CB7 EX-R M/T (A/T Avail.)
  85. INT : Trunk Stripping & Rear Seat Removal
  86. INT : P12 Install
  87. INT: Painting your Cluster Bezel, Removing Trip *Pics* 56k =(
  88. INT: Headliner rewrap
  89. INT: honda Prelude steering wheel conversion on 90-91 cb
  90. SWAP: Cruise control usage with 5spd swap.
  91. INT: Cruise Control
  92. Carpets cleaning and seats removing.
  93. INT: Acura Legend Seat Swap w/ Wiring Diagrams
  94. INT:all OEM CB & other honda switches diagrams
  95. Int- Cup Holder Diy W/pics
  96. Int- The Dreaded Door Handle!
  97. INT:Automatic to Manual Shift Knob Conversion
  98. INT: diy short throw shifter
  99. INT: CL leather seats for the CB coupe
  100. INT: 92-96 Prelude seats into 9293 CB7 Coupe
  101. DIY: INT: Leather Seat Restoration
  102. Int: DIY Painting Door Panels
  103. INT : Removal/Replacement of blower motor
  104. INT: Wagon rear hatch area carpet cleaning
  105. INT: Sound deadening
  106. INT: Armrest Cover Templates
  107. INT: OEM Gauge face removal
  108. INT: 90-91 Sedan Prelude Seat install while retaining auto-belts
  109. INT: Brake Pedal Switch Fix
  110. INT : 4th Gen Prelude Shifter Conversion
  111. Stcky :How to remove and install a clutch for 1990-95 Accords
  112. DIY: Rocker switch in handbrake console
  113. INT : Map light Install LX, DX, and 10th AE
  114. INT: manual seatbelt coversion
  115. INT: Coupe Door Sill Garnish w/ Pictures *56k DIE!!*
  116. INT: Automatic transmission Shift Boot *56K DIE!!!*
  117. INT: Replacing a Window master switch
  118. INT: Rear Center Seatbelt Delete.
  119. INT: 9293 Center Console Armrest Install *56K DIEE!!!*
  120. INT: 98 Accord maplight/sunglasses case install (DX/LX only)
  121. INT: Power Trunk release an OEM way
  122. INT: Polishing JDM OEM Aluminum Door Sills
  123. INT: Fitting RSX seats
  124. EXT/INT: Trunk leak fix, the trifecta of problems
  125. INT: DIY: Door Handle Repair
  126. INT/EXT: Passenger Footwell Leak Repair
  127. INT: Windshield wiper/headlight stalk boots
  128. INT: Coupe Black Interior Swap - Retaining LX/EX/SE Power Features
  129. INT: Repairing your shifter light
  130. INT: Acura legend / Acura RL leather grab rails EX/SE only
  131. INT: 92-96 prelude hand brake cover and boot
  132. INT: 6th Gen/CL Maplight Housing w/HomeLink garage door opener
  133. INT: fit a 5th gen prelude cluster into a cb7
  134. INT: Fuel pump access panel
  135. INT: SRS->NON SRS Steering Wheel Conversion
  136. Int: Modern steering wheel emblem
  137. INT: Radio controls through cruise control switches
  138. INT: Using Rear Defroster as an Antenna
  139. INT: Beeping Auto Seatbelts
  140. INT: 90-91 Manual Seat Belt Conversion
  141. INT: Make 6th gen maplight come on with doors
  142. INT: 90-93 Integra shift knob/ boot.
  143. INT: Handbrake boot
  144. INT: 10 min gauge cluster mod
  145. INT : e-brake handle replacement spanish/English
  146. INT: Custom door sills
  147. INT: Permanent Power Converter
  148. INT: Front door window regulator replacement
  149. INT: dry carbon fiber center steering wheel and misc parts
  150. INT : Complete Dash Removal RHD CB3 UKDM Non-Airbag
  151. INT: Make Tweeter From Broken Speaker
  152. INT: LED 3rd brake light
  153. INT: Dye Your Carpet
  154. INT:DC Integra Bigger Clock Conversion
  155. INT-GM Dimmer/Temp/Comp Rearview mirror Conversion
  156. INT: Unlocking a stock radio
  157. INT: JDM Digital Climate Control
  158. INT: Repair worn/faulty combination switch
  159. INT: LED Console Switch/button Backlight t3
  160. INT: Making/Repairing a wiring harness *video*
  161. INT: Sedan Door Panel Removal
  162. INT: Puddle Lights
  163. INT: Ambient Lighting
  164. INT: Door Speaker Installation
  165. INT:Sedan Front Window Seal and Regulator Cleaning
  166. INT: Recover Door and Rear Deck Speaker Grilles
  167. INT: Fixed Blower Motor
  168. INT : Prelude cluster install
  169. INT: Window Antenna
  170. INT: swap cb rails onto bb6 seats
  171. INT: A-Pillar plastic cover removal
  172. INT: Diagnosing Electrical Problems
  173. INT : Painting Interior Panels
  174. INT: Custom mirror tweeter pods
  175. INT : DIY Screwdriver Shift Knob
  176. INT: Illuminated Window Switches
  177. INT: Factory clock into volt meter, or ect.
  178. INT: Increasing Rewind Tension on 92-93 Retracting Seat/Shoulder Belt
  179. INT: Blower motor removal and installation
  180. INT: Replacing Chrome Door Handle in Interior Door Handle Assembly
  181. INT : Black Interior Coupe Swap Door Panels
  182. INT : JDM OEM Aluminum Door Sills
  183. DIY Index: Interior
  184. INT : CD6 steering column swap into a 92 - 93 with SRS
  185. INT : Power to manual window conversion
  186. Trunk Towel Roller
  187. Litter Bucket/Tissue Dispenser
  188. Phone Mount Suggestion
  189. Need Help Deciding... Map Lights
  190. Handbrake Release Button Replacement
  191. 97-99 Acura CL Seat Wiring Diagrams
  192. INT: updated power window switch
  193. Don't try to take apart your power window motor