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  2. ENG:F22a6 intake manifold swap; coolant refresh; seafoam job; oil/filter change
  3. Free: ShopKey 5
  4. DIY: Cheap HP
  5. The Quick Tip DIY Thread
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  7. DIY: Powdercoating at home!
  8. DYI: FI by Leafblower
  9. Intake Cold Air Box
  10. Motor mounts
  11. H22 Swap (Write up attemp)
  12. Angel eye headlights
  13. DIY: Motor Mount Insert Kit from Energy Suspension.
  14. pre-purchase inspection
  15. Projector retro request.
  16. msd ignition install
  17. No turbo kit DIY??
  18. Any DIY installing a Short Shift for 5spd?
  19. Power Seats DIY
  20. Dent Removal with Hair dryer and compressed air
  21. INT/ENG VTEC indicator with seat belt light
  22. if any one is interested in security
  23. accord shop manual
  24. can someone make a DIY on rolling fenders?
  25. All Data DIY
  26. H22 TB on F22B1 Intake Manifold
  27. Repair Guide
  28. Blackhousing: paint method & different color high beam?
  29. DIY Videos
  30. 1991 - 1990 Grille Inserts
  31. TPS CRISIS, crying out for help!!!!
  32. DIY: EXT-using Chassis Saver to stop rust (w/ Stacey David)
  33. is there a diy on reclearing a cf hood
  34. Trying to fight the heat!!
  35. symbol removal
  36. Cleaner Looking Climate Control Knobs
  37. DIY: Make your a/c blow colder air.
  38. fog lights
  39. DIY Request on replacing window motor and regulator
  40. Dupli Color Vinyl and Fabric
  41. Diy:request On Replacing O2 Sensor
  42. EXT:request on hood back end lift
  43. rattleing windows??
  44. Can Someone Give Me An Idea...
  45. diy blackhoused lights,try on ef?:
  46. Quick ? about opening lights
  47. DIY request for fixing bumper sag?
  48. Fixing The Winter Car 56k ahahhahah No
  49. Compression Check diy request
  50. umm question about the bumper light conversion?
  51. DIY Request: ES300 Fogs
  52. Gutter Gaurded Vent
  54. cooling help
  55. DIY Request on shifter light
  56. DIY request on CV rebuild
  57. custom itr wheels
  58. DIY Query (1pc Headlights)
  59. DIY Blackhousing Request!
  60. Free Chilton Online - Any Vehicle!! (New Link)
  61. need a diy on red/white tail lights
  62. diy trunk swap?
  63. free mitchell on demand
  64. A/C Delete REQUEST
  65. seat belt
  66. lookin for the diy short shifter thread
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  69. Diy request for deletting emissions
  70. April DIY Competition Winner
  71. Calling cp[mike] bulb application update and questions