View Full Version : f22a6 tuning...rev limit etc

10-05-2004, 04:42 PM

f22a1 head (bought complete, for porting and a regrind)
-ported - standard abrasives style
-shaved 50-70 thousandths
-delta 272 regrind
f22a6 IM
bored TB, or h/b-series TB

obviously with this setup we will want to raise the rev-limit a little bit. Maybe 6,800, or 7,000. Also maybe some engine tuning would be necessary

I was thinking of using the APEXi SAFC....maybe b-series injectors, maybe a bigger fuel pump......then dyno tune it, and add fuel where necessary

my question is how do we raise the rev-limit?

p.s. i am researching the pgmfi.com, but it seems very complicated