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How To Get Into The Shoe Business

Authentic Nike Wholesale List available...China Factory Nike and Jordans Wholesale Suppliers Contacts (http://www.kickcitywarehouse.com/nike-shoes-wholesale-china.htm)

Are you interested in doing what my site has been doing for the past year.. which is making hundred$ and even thou by selling authentic shoes in bulk or more cash when selling them in singles online or in local areas...?

Selling Air Force One, Wholeselling Air Force One, Nike Air force one, air force one shoes, and hot Jordan's

Save the THOUSANDS of dollars I wasted getting ripped off trying to find a legit Nike factory, and go straight to the people that we use, no joking around or getting ripped of .... I WILL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IT!!!!

With my website ALONE I get on a minimum 5 new people a day e-mailing me wanting to buy in bulk orders from 5-100+ in quantity, plus all of my eBay sales! It is literally is too much to handle, I've had to bring on STAFF! And with me moving away to another school full time, I wont have time to manage these orders, or manage all the customers.

Call me stupid, but take advantage .. I am selling the contacts to our Nike factories that I use to purchase the shoes that I sell to my customers, along with many other USA contacts that are within the states, that I use for faster shipping. Also, you can see in our inventory section of the website of OUR prices for what we sell the shoes for, and we buy the shoes for much less than half the cost of that!! And the shoes go for even double and triple that on eBay!

List is available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD fromNike Air Force Ones Factory Supplier Wholesale Contacts (http://www.kickcitywarehouse.com/china-nike-wholesale.htm)

Q. Authentic shoes?

All shoes that I have dealt with in the past, and to the factories that I use for my customers have all been authentic ONLY. But being in the business over the years, I have had to deal with the factories that have sold me variants, so they have been noted with detail on the list.
Q. What kinds are available?

I have purchased almost every number of Jordan with the exception of maybe one or two from my main factory contacts, all Air Force 1 and many Shox as well. As you can see in the Inventory section of our website, all pictures were taking by us of the actual shoe's that were shipped to us from our factories.

Visit the site China Factory Nike Wholesale Suppliers Contacts (http://www.kickcitywarehouse.com/china-nike-wholesale.htm) for more FAQ information.

Get the list NOW! Visit:

Jordans Factory Supplier Wholesale Contacts (http://www.kickcitywarehouse.com/nike-shoes-wholesale-china.htm)

Email me at the site, there is a form on the ContactUs Page (Nike Air Force Ones Factory Supplier Wholesale Contacts (http://www.kickcitywarehouse.com/wholesale-nike-email.html) ) I will respond to your email ASAP.

Never Wait for your List INSTANT DOWNLOAD!!!!!

Good Luck with your shoe business!

China Nike Jordans Factory Wholesale Contacts Suppliers (http://www.kickcitywarehouse.com/jordans-nike-wholesale.htm)


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