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Conversation Between RICHIE*GT35R and ECalvo31
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  1. ECalvo31
    01-20-2011 12:09 PM
    Yo what's up man? How is everything? Been a while.
  2. ECalvo31
    03-04-2009 08:40 AM
    Hell yeah. I'll definitely wish you luck. You need to come out here, bro. Keep me inform.
    03-04-2009 06:01 AM
    Damn!!! I try to make it out to ATL. But the F22 is knocking and I'm trying to get the H22 done by then, if not I'm not going with that knock!!!! Wish me luck
  4. ECalvo31
    03-03-2009 09:30 PM
    I live in the ATL. I moved out here like 2 months ago. I hate it out here. I'm thinking of going back. I'll give myself 'til the end of this year. Yo, so you going to the ATL meet? I'm hoping to go. I've done a lot to my car since than bro. I hope when you see it you like it.
    03-03-2009 08:18 PM
    I'm good!! Where the hell you at??
  6. ECalvo31
    03-03-2009 06:09 PM
    Yo, what's up Richie? How's everything in FL?
  7. ECalvo31
    11-12-2008 09:58 PM
    Yo, I know your a moderator. Well, I was making a thread and somehow it just disappeared out of no where. Can you tell me why? When I go back to my last posted and last thread, it will ask about a password. Can you tell me why that happen? Thanks.

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