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  1. totaldoughnut
    09-29-2008 10:40 PM
    Hey deevergote, I just stopped by to give a little kudos for the best forum ive come accross on any topic. Whenever I get into something I search for a forum. I go to PBnation.com for paintball stuff, got really tired of all the 12-17 year old kids balbbing about the shit their parents bought them. I go to NakedGoldwings.com for info on my 76 goldwing bobber project, great forum but sometimes slow and takes a couple days for a response. I come here for knowledge about my 92ex, its the most active and usefull forum ive come across yet. I thank you for creating this for us. A little about myself, im 36 and remember back in my cruising days when the CB7 first came out, always loved them and still do. I have a great amount of general engine knowledge due to the fact that ive been building large diesel engines for the past 17 years. But Hondas are whole differant cup of tea, and I have learned so much in a short peroid of time thanks to this site. Although when you think about it, its all still just nuts and bolts, even in my trade. The technology of todays engine is all in air handling and fuel management, at the core its still 100 year technology. Cya

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