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Conversation Between kouzie and Ravens_CB7
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  1. kouzie
    09-04-2011 01:33 PM
    have you try click on those link?
    Again it just depend on size and offset you're looking at.
    Once you know that its easier to help.
  2. Ravens_CB7
    09-04-2011 01:18 AM
    yeah i checked it out but it doesnt show anything about +0 offset nd use of camber kit but thanks for the help....
  3. kouzie
    09-03-2011 11:29 PM
    rims you mean?
    It all depend on the size of rims and offset you're looking at.

    The more negative offset the more the rim will stick out as you mention.
    And to do it right on fwd you need to get camber kits to for it to flush, the right size of tire and of course to pull it off you have to lower the car too or I call it slam!

    Here is a thread about wheel and tire with good info:
  4. Ravens_CB7
    09-01-2011 07:51 PM
    Hey im a newbie nd i was wondering is u can give me some tips about sticking out tires nd how to put negative camber or at least a link to look it up thsnx i would spreciate it.....soon ill post my first tread of ma car

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