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  1. Retodd1200
    01-10-2011 05:56 PM
    I have been doing a bit of research here for a while to help me with my swap. I put in a F22b1 into my friend's 90 Accord. I have the car running now with the B1 ecu and vtec wired up. The car has thrown a check engine light and will not rev over 3500 rpm... The car ran fine with no CEL with the original ecu so I'm assuming either the new ecu is bad or I hooked something up wrong. In my research, I have found your posts to be the most intelligent and knowledgeable, so I was wondering. Can you help me? I have the two pinouts written down in the garage that I hooked up to the sol. and press. switch, and also the two pins that I swapped (egr and o2 heater if memory serves); but I was a little fuzzy on the exact details because I had some conflicting information. And would this even cause the problem I am having? Thanks in advance for your knowledge and if you don' t have the info off hand, please point me to a reliable source.


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