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Conversation Between Shadow1 and DsMJUNKY54
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  1. Shadow1
    09-18-2013 05:24 PM
    hey punk. hit me up on my cell
  2. DsMJUNKY54
    02-04-2011 04:35 AM
    haha I know right man, but i'm coming back any time before the 11th so you shall see me soon, ill give you a call when im in town, and the military money isnt that great but i'm going to try and by something. I have to save a few bucks though because im doing a midget football league team this year lol but oh well man, its good to hear from you too. I'll stop by your work or house friday when i get in town if it isnt too late.
  3. Shadow1
    01-28-2011 08:42 AM
    What you leave for slut? Lol. Nice hearing from you man. And hurry up and get back. With that military money you should be able to. Buy ur cb bak or a new one and mod it out. Haha. I plan on buying a mk2 jetta soon. Found one for dirt cheap. Just gotta get a starter for it and get it cleaned up. Hit me up when you get back. I still got the same number.
  4. DsMJUNKY54
    01-28-2011 07:29 AM
    Hey man, long time no talk. Im getting back from my deployment in south korea sometime next week, and i think i might be buying my old cb back maybe lol we need to chill when i get back in town though, i miss you man, no homo. Life hasnt been the same since i left for the military and i wanna get things back how they were.

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