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If you live in Ga or surrounding areas, come on in.

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  1. Jkid
    12-04-2008 02:00 PM
    cool i'll try that. i was a little scared to just approach as a radom person a be like "hey you have a nice accord we should get together and have some meets." it sounds so stalker-ish
  2. TypeG
    12-04-2008 12:15 PM
    you should leave them notes to get on here so that you can get meets going near you. check the regionals for upcoming meets. later.
  3. Jkid
    12-03-2008 03:28 PM
    yeah like macon/warner robins, fort valley. cuz i see a lot of nice accords but we have no clubs or meets that i kno of.?
  4. ChampCoupe
    12-03-2008 11:32 AM
    i know some accord owners in statesboro and valdosta, but they arent normally on the boards
  5. TypeG
    12-03-2008 12:15 AM
    you mean like macon/warner robins? later.
  6. Jkid
    12-02-2008 03:38 PM
    wow? O......kay i meant is anybody from the middle ga. area?
  7. Jkid
    12-02-2008 03:37 PM
    ques. does anybody from the middle ga area?
  8. semitas
    11-30-2008 11:30 PM
    champ, sincerely dawg, if i had a car to drive i would hold it for you man, i wanted to keep the engine in the family, but i need the money to get a better car, but................

    the guy that is suppose to be buying my engine is going to put it in a 95 prelude which has the usdm H22 in it, he says that its burning oil, maybe the rings, im thinking of giving him a discount for that H and rebuild it and then when i have enough to pay someone to put it in my next accord, do the swap, or if any of you guys would be interested in it
  9. ChampCoupe
    11-30-2008 01:22 PM
    i want it i just dont have that much to spend right now
  10. semitas
    11-30-2008 01:39 AM

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