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If you live in Ga or surrounding areas, come on in.

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  1. AmznAzn
    01-31-2013 09:49 PM
    How's the ride on those coilovers Carson?
  2. '93CB7Ex
    01-31-2013 11:45 AM
    lets roll in deep tonight at the meet.
  3. '93CB7Ex
    01-30-2013 10:40 PM
    usually hang around til then they start leaving slowly so i guess everybody goes home
  4. Minze
    01-30-2013 10:39 PM
    where yall go after 11....
  5. '93CB7Ex
    01-30-2013 10:32 PM
    nah its free. they stopped all that bullshit. they say meets over at 11 cuz thats when the park closes i guess but theres always cops parked down the road a little so im sure they will enforce it.
  6. Minze
    01-30-2013 10:30 PM
    u gotta pay to get in? they allow yall to be at the park after hours?
  7. '93CB7Ex
    01-30-2013 10:27 PM
    yea man shit gets pretty full and its been cold out.
  8. Minze
    01-30-2013 10:26 PM
    a lot of people come out?
  9. '93CB7Ex
    01-30-2013 10:21 PM
    nah got shut down. thursday meet at the shorty howell park across from walmart on pleasant hill in duluth
  10. Minze
    01-30-2013 10:12 PM
    yall still meet at wild bills?

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