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The Up'n Comerz

Group Created by 6fthondaboi

This group is for the starter Cb7 members who are beginning to mod there Cb's

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  1. ByTCb788
    06-21-2010 10:45 PM
    was good jus startin out wit all o dis wonderin WHERE should i start?
  2. CBsohcman
    06-18-2010 03:22 PM
    hey wats good eryone im new here i own a 93 ex coupe with a f22b1 swap and it runs strong but rough dont kno y
    06-17-2010 10:55 PM
    what it dookie up'n comerz i forgot i was in this group haha
  4. rrosales23
    04-27-2010 02:58 PM
  5. Kyle21
    04-11-2010 05:05 PM

    idk where to go from here im trying to get rims but im poor lol
  6. cB7accord 0021
    04-07-2010 04:59 PM
    cB7accord 0021
    im new to this site and i just got my cb7 its a 90 coupe EX 2.2
    im trying to fully hook it up with a new tranny and h22 engine and everything, its automatic though. should i convert it to manual or just find another?

  7. syer91
    03-08-2010 11:52 PM
    new here and this club right here fits the up coming on my cb7!
  8. krondoemike
    03-01-2010 12:28 AM
    trying to make sure the wrist pin diameter difference will not affect the rod in any way with the h22a4 and h22a1 piston wrist pin differences on the f22a1 full floating with c-clips into f22a1 block
  9. krondoemike
    03-01-2010 12:25 AM
    hey guys i got a f22a1 im trying to rebuilding with h22a4 87mm 10:2:1 pistons and a 2mm bored f22a1 block with f22 rods and f22 crankshaft. any idea on which way the rods go onto the crank i know the piston arrows faces the crank pulleys, which side would the PT3 casting mark go down onto the crank? any Idea also have h22a1 pistons and wrist pin is slight bigger and fits in my f22 rods snugger than the h22a4 pistons do because it was converted to free floating wrist pins.
  10. Krim
    02-24-2010 10:35 AM
    wat gd i got a 93 lx i want to change da rear drum to disk... & how do i put up pix..(603)

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