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oneoffaccord 03-02-2011 11:03 PM

oneoffaccord : 1992 Accord EX (2)
Well fellas im back. Im back with a newer platform. Something that i wanted and i found it. I will be redoing alot on this in a very short time. I already been stacking parts and getting the ball rolling. So stay tuned for pics of the vehicle and the build aswell.

Paint engine bay light gray
mild shave
wire tuck
S2000 clutch master cylinder
Custom clutch line with Earls fittings

JDM 1PC headlights- not installed
VIS carbon fiber trunk-not installed
red/clear 4dr taillights- not installed
XEXON mild lip kit (front, side and rear) not installed
Clear bumper lights with strobe lights installed

95 accord lx steel wheels

Paint Rsx Type S brake booster with AN fittings
Wilwood Brake proportioning valve
5the gen Prelude rear hubs- not installed
Goodridge braided steel brake hose (Front only)

Megan Racing rear lower control arms- not installed
Progress rear sway bar- not installed
Suspension Techniques front sway bar- not installed
Function & Form Type 1 coilovers- not installed

93 ACCORD black dash- not installed
S2000 cluster- not installed
S2000 pedals
Rewired interior harness
Benen clear ecu cover

-Waiting to be installed:




Clean_4th gen 03-03-2011 12:12 AM

Pics? :eyebrow:

cp[mike] 03-03-2011 12:13 AM

oooooohhhhh yeeahhhhhhhh

Night Wolf 03-03-2011 01:52 AM

lol I thought you didnt want A/T?

oneoffaccord 03-03-2011 05:53 AM


Originally Posted by Clean_4th gen (Post 2746671)
Pics? :eyebrow:

sunday when i get it


Originally Posted by cp[mike] (Post 2746673)
oooooohhhhh yeeahhhhhhhh

lol out mike. its on now


Originally Posted by Night Wolf (Post 2746747)
lol I thought you didnt want A/T?

true that, but for the price and its unmolested ill take it

RICHIE*GT35R 03-03-2011 05:58 AM

SWEEETTTT! can't wait:thumbsup:

Accrdwgnguy 03-03-2011 05:58 AM

well man i do have 5 speed swap parts

oneoffaccord 03-03-2011 06:14 AM


Originally Posted by Accrdwgnguy (Post 2746799)
well man i do have 5 speed swap parts

i dont need any 5spd parts. thanks though

oneoffaccord 03-03-2011 06:17 AM


Originally Posted by RICHIE*GT35R (Post 2746798)
SWEEETTTT! can't wait:thumbsup:

dont worry man, neither can i :tu:

excalibur02 03-03-2011 10:03 AM

Damn larry, you didn't even reserve any posts for the continued process.

Can't wait to see the platform

JoshM 03-03-2011 10:11 AM

I have a good feeling about this.

PUMASTi 03-03-2011 10:40 AM

I'll get the pop corn ready.

93SM4_CB7 03-03-2011 05:59 PM

Looking forward to seeing pictues and. Updates on thia CB.

aww_shiet 03-03-2011 06:11 PM

:thumbsup: Like

oneoffaccord 03-03-2011 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by excalibur02 (Post 2746896)
Damn larry, you didn't even reserve any posts for the continued process.

Can't wait to see the platform

nope. no other comment at this moment in time, lol

markrutherford 03-03-2011 06:38 PM

sounds good but you need pics...Check out my cb

tommi 03-03-2011 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by oneoffaccord (Post 182519)
u got a lot of work ahead of you keep up the work

scope out my ride :thumbsup:


oneoffaccord 03-03-2011 07:16 PM


Originally Posted by tommi (Post 2747313)


oneoffaccord 03-03-2011 07:49 PM

heres something i guess. A friend of mine gave me front and rear knuckles off of his 00 prelude. so i scraped everything else besides the front calipers and brackets and the rear hubs. the calipers and brackets are already stripped of the red paint and waiting for me to paint them silver. im just lazy.

the rear hubs are cleaned and oem studs are gone. make way for extended studs. ill order those once i get my odyssey front knuckles. so basically im going 5lug.

btw my front knuckles which are powdercoated black chrome are equipped with ROH conversion and skunk2 or blox extended studs. the rear hubs are equipped with skunk2 or blox extended studs. which are for sale if anyone is interested. pm me if you interested.

rear hubs.

tommi 03-03-2011 07:52 PM

thats what you said to me about 6 years ago in my thread. now im saying it back to u since u have a fresh new start.

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