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NH-503P-3 11-22-2017 11:33 PM

NH-503P-3 : 1992 Accord EX
Iíve always liked CB7 Accords. Iíve owned just about every 90ís Honda car model but a CB7. Till literally like one year ago. I needed a decent daily driver to go back and forth to my work and not put so many miles on my 05 Toyota Tacoma. I decided to find an EX coupe manual since those are my favorite. After a few months of daily looking through adds and nothing but LX manual coupes or EX auto coupes. I finaly found one. My friend turned me on to the app ďOffer UpĒ for local Honda adds and surprisingly it paid off. It was an add for a Granada Black coupe also. I really wanted black or red. $75 bucks take it away. The motor was out and blown. The house it was at was condemned and to be bulldozed at the end of the week. I gave the guy $100 to hold it for for a day till I could hook a u-haul dollie to my truck and take it up to my friends house. Clean title car never been in an accident. I was stoked. Hereís a few pics of it in its as found condition:


This car was extremely dirty. It has its dents. And it had a (typical in allot of black cb Accords) tan interior/black dash. Very dirty and stained also.

NH-503P-3 11-23-2017 12:30 AM

Ok so fast forward to now. A year later. I don’t have some of the early build process pics due to a busted phone. This car has transformed into a decent ride.
I put a good f22a6 back in it from a wrecked cb9 with only 112,00 on it. There is like 270,000 on the chassis right now. I did the 5 lug conversion early on also. Before it even ran lol. The interior is also a complete makeover.


List of mods/upgrades & specs:
92 EX Coupe 5spd
Color code: NH-503P-3 Granada Black

Under hood:
F22a6 stock.
Aem air intake
DC header
Strut bar
Legend hood shock mod.

Full 5 lug conversion(2000 Accord complete front knuckles. Prelude hubs & Integra type R rotors out back.
Function & Form type 1 coil-overs
2001 Acura CL (non type-S) 16” spoke wheels

95 Legend sedan front lip
Dual filliment bumper light mod.
Si-T style bumper lights
Jdm/edm corner lights-black housed
Headlights-black & yellow housed
OG CB trunk flushmount
CR-V windshield squirters

White EX coupe upper plastics and headliner (light blue/gray)
OG gray leather coupe door and quarter panels
99 Acura CL dark gray leather heated seats
99 Acura CL dark blue/gray carpet and floor mats
Variable intermittent wiper mod
Honda CRV radio w/aux port
CB9 wagon trunk plastics with gray wagon rear carpet cover
Rear upper strut bar
Prelude shifter in CB mount for short throw
Acura TSX overhead map/homelink
CB9 optional tall center armrest with CL gray leather
CR-V lighted window switches & lighted door locks
BB6 Prelude gauge cluster
EDM cool vent & rear fog light switches


wtfisafleek 11-23-2017 12:39 AM

Super nice. Where'd you get the paint done?

NH-503P-3 11-23-2017 01:09 AM

The paint is a very badly done respray. The hood, bumpers and fenders I pulled from other black cars at pap. I clayed the whole car then compounded, polished and waxed it. Thatís all. 10 feet away it looks great lol.

wtfisafleek 11-23-2017 09:23 AM

It's not perfect, but hey it's a lot better than it was. Not to mention the interior is pristine now. Where's you get the mats? They look like they fit great.

NH-503P-3 11-23-2017 01:43 PM

The mats are 1st gen CL. Since I have the 1st gen CL carpet the same floor mats had to go in also.

GTRON 11-23-2017 07:39 PM

I love it! So simple and clean looking. You're inspiring me to get back on mine :bouncy:

NH-503P-3 11-24-2017 01:05 AM

Recently I added a keyless entry to my car. Itís one of those Easyguard passive keyless entry setups. For a $100 bucks itís not bad. I walk up to the car it unlocks. I walk away it locks. No touching the key fob at all. It also has push button start. Here is the key fob:


And here is the push button start. I fully removed my keyed ignition behind it.


So now that I donít have to b.s. around putting a key into my door like a car caveman I decided to do another awesome diy from this site. I scored some 4 door rear handles and modified them for my coupe doors. No more stupid looking key hole. Hereís the mods:



And here they are installed:



They look so stealth you can barely see the handle now. I love it.


CyborgGT 11-24-2017 04:11 PM

Looks great, and it's a nice theft deterrent as well. I'm not sure if I'd be as trusting in the system to always work, though.

The whole car is looking great, by the way. I'm having trouble getting over that gorgeous interior. Those CL mats fit so perfectly around things like the dead pedal and trunk/gas latches, too.

Rilas 11-24-2017 05:56 PM

I like what you did with the locks on the car, although I'm with Cyborg on this one. I still just can't trust it. I'd rather have a physical option still present to open the doors. A push button like old school hot rods under the side skirts or something, paired with an remote door lock, still with access into the trunk via key.

I just can't trust our non secured wireless devices.

Car is looking great though man. I can't wait to see what all else that you have in store for this car long term. Glad that you finally made a MRT.

NH-503P-3 11-24-2017 09:42 PM

Thanks for the compliments guys. My key fob does have a switch blade key that is cut for my locks so I can get in through the trunk if I have to. Either that or I always have AAA. Iím not sweating it. The fact that I can carry my lunch bag and coffee to my car early in the morning (itís dark) without having to press a button or get my keys out makes it so worth it lol. This car really only goes to and from my work anyways. I drive my truck on the weekends and out an about when Iím not working.

NH-503P-3 11-24-2017 10:32 PM

When I had the driver door panel off I had the opportunity to swap out my window/lock control switch cover. My old one looked like someone went to town with a screwdriver on it. I also put switches in that have the lettering still on them. I put a heated mirror switch in just for looks and nicer lettering also.


Today at pap while I was strolling through the cars I came upon this:


Solaris silver SE. the back seat was not bad. I might grab it since I have all the black interior pieces for the Solaris SE but the seats up in my attic plus extra black pieces since I like to hoard them. I did grab the complete rear speakers, ash tray, miscellaneous black trunk pieces that usually go missing first.


There was also a 93 SE sedan. I might grab this dash to throw in the attic to add to my black interior build.


NH-503P-3 11-24-2017 11:31 PM

I did finish the Acura CL gray leather console top and installed the optional console in my car. What a joy that diy was. I still have a lil gap between it and the shifter console piece because I havenít locked it down with the two almost impossible to get in 12mm bolts that go in up front. Since I need to remove the dash pretty soon Iíll just leave well enough alone.


I was very happy to score this from a 98 Acura CL today also. The right color maplight/homelink that is barely a shade off from my headliner. Not enough to tell by the everyday looker.


I also got this intermittent wiper stalk from an Acura TL. Itís kinda nice because not only is the lettering very clean it also has a dust apron on it. I donít remember the one I pulled from a CD Accord for my car having this dust apron.


G. Wiffington 11-25-2017 11:48 AM

Threads like these are what made me love the CB Chassis!

Good job man. I love the idea of no locks on the handle. Hopefully the fob continuously works.

Black paint + Coupe = Perfect CB7

Rilas 11-25-2017 11:53 AM

Only the TL's have the stalk boots. I have them on my arms as well. Both sides, the blinker has one as well, just slide the boot off the arm.

Also you don't bolt down the center console with it attached to the car. You bolt it down and then place the center console over it and put in the 2 screws through the 2 lower button openings, way easier.

Do you have any pictures on how you did the CL arm rest top on the CB arm rest? I'd like to know as finding the CL's are far easier than the CB's with leather.

How does the TL arm fit into the CB, is the angle the same of the stalk?

NH-503P-3 11-25-2017 09:36 PM


Also you don't bolt down the center console with it attached to the car. You bolt it down and then place the center console over it and put in the 2 screws through the 2 lower button openings, way easier.
I installed it all complete then down on the body. I need like a magnetic socket to keep the 10mm bolts held in while I slide an extension down in there to get them in. Idk Iíll have to try it the way I think youíre describing it lol.

I do have one pic that kinda shows it.


I folded it down in the back and glued it. Itís about as good as I can do it. The whole piece of leather is a tad wider and longer so it wonít be perfect. Thereís no good way to do the rear besides folding it down.

On the TL stalk. I have not installed it yet.

Jarrett 11-25-2017 11:51 PM

I've really enjoyed reading this thread. It's taken almost all of the interior parts from the thread detailing non-CB parts that fit onto the CB and combined them into one car. The car looks amazing, too!

I have a black-dyed CB carpet now, as well as a black carpet from my old '03 CLS6 that I planned to fit into the Accord. With how this one has turned out, I may scrap that idea and just find a '98-'99 CL with good carpet and grab that! It looks dark enough to pass in a black interior. Is there any extra jute or padding on the back of it, as opposed to the CB carpet?

NH-503P-3 11-26-2017 11:21 PM

Today I hit the two paps that are closer in my area. I got a nice gray dash. Finally. The sedan also had gray leather. Very rare. The door panels them selves were all messed up. Since the leather was already pulling away from the panels but not torn anywhere I just removed the arm rests and pulled the leather the rest of the way from the panel. They are still very usable and they can be attached to a nicer set of gray door panels. Iím going to do this the next time I come across leather on panels that are jacked up. Iíve already seen brown leather twice and passed it up. No more. With so many of us opting for nicer leather seats from other cars, the icing on the cake is the door panels with leather to match.
I also took down my headliner and fitted in the map/homelink and wired in the driver vanity mirror light. Hereís a pic:


This driver vanity mirror light is apparently very hard to find. I canít figure out if it belongs on a certain model. From SE to DX I have not seen another like it. It might be just a weird option. Maybe from the dealer. The chome mount is thicker than the passenger side. Idk why. Iím still pretty stoked I found it.

I got done late of course. I donít hate the fall and winter months but I do hate the short daylight this time of year. Iíll get better pics tomorrow. I gotta fine tune the maplights mounting bracket. Thereís not much room between the moonroof assembly metal and the headliner.

SSMAccord 11-26-2017 11:54 PM

I think that the sunvisors with lit units are from EX CD Accords. As you noted the chrome mount is a thicker mounting, but the shape of the overall visor is the same as the CB and allows for them to be installed pretty easily.

NH-503P-3 11-27-2017 08:47 AM

You might be right. Maybe itís not hard to find at all. You just gotta look in the right model car lol. I didnít think CD Accords would have the same color headliners either. If it is the case Iím going to get a CD Accord passenger side one also to match. Learn something new every day lol.

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