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H311RA151N 07-10-2016 07:08 PM

H311RA151N : 1993 Accord LX
This is my most recently acquired vehicle.




176,000 miles
Duralast Gold 700CCA Battery
Bosal Replacement Downpipe
Stone Valve Cover Gasket Set
NGK V Power Spark Plugs
OEM Spark Plug Wires
OEM Air Filer
OEM Oil Filter
Motorad Radiator Cap
OEM Distributor Cap
OEM Distributor Rotor
Stant Thermostat


Factory Cassette Player
Ice Cold Original R12 A/C


Bridgestone Blizzak's in 185/70R14's Full Set
HiddenHitch Receiver Hitch



Stone Valve Cover Gasket Set -Done
Peratex Ultra Grey (For valve cover.) -Done
OEM Spark Plug Wires -Done
NGK Spark Plugs -Done
OEM Distributor Cap -Done
OEM Distributor Rotor -Done
OEM Fuel Filter -Purchased
OEM Oil Filter -Done
OEM Air Filter -Done
Motorad Radiator cap -Done
Standard Temperature Sensor (temp gauge in the cluster is all wonky) -Purchased
Stant Thermostat -Done
Stant Thermostat Housing Gasket -Done


Dorman Brake Master Cylinder -Purchased
Wagner Front Brake Pads -Done
Wagner Brake Shoes -Purchased
Wagner Brake Drum Hardware Kit -Purchased
Pronto Brake Drums -Purchased


Clean Thoroughly
Trico Wiper Blades -Done


Kenwood 6.5" Speakers Front & Rear
Window Tint 30%
Amerex B417T 2.5lb ABC Fire Extinguisher -Purchased




H311RA151N 07-10-2016 07:09 PM

Reserved for future post.

H311RA151N 07-10-2016 10:03 PM

Ordered some more parts this evening. RockAuto had a bunch of stuff I needed in their wholesaler closeout. Wasn't planning on it but I spent $140 shipped.

Dorman brake master cylinder
Wagner front brake pads
Wagner brake shoes
Wagner brake drum hardware kit
Pronto brake drums
Motorad radiator cap
Standard temperature sensor (temp gauge in the cluster is all wonky)
Stant thermostat
Stant thermostat housing gasket
Trico wiper blades

CB7Denmark 07-10-2016 10:07 PM

Are you telling me you bought yet another CB7, or do I know about this one?

H311RA151N 07-10-2016 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by CB7Denmark (Post 3258930)
Are you telling me you bought yet another CB7, or do I know about this one?

Yep. :lol: Number 7. Number two in my possession currently.

G. Wiffington 07-11-2016 02:25 PM

Nice, that interior looks really clean. :thumbsup:
Did an elderly person own it previously? They usually keep interiors very nice.

H311RA151N 07-13-2016 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by G. Wiffington (Post 3258955)
Nice, that interior looks really clean. :thumbsup:
Did an elderly person own it previously? They usually keep interiors very nice.

My coworker owned it for 4 years. She's in her mid 30's I'd guess. It sat for the last two years in their driveway.

Wasn't able to get new pics yet. It's been raining for a couple days.

H311RA151N 07-13-2016 04:26 PM

Some parts arrived from RockAuto today.

Dorman brake master cylinder.
Wagner drum brake hardware kit.
Stant thermostat.
Stant thermostat gasket.
Motorad Radiator cap.


H311RA151N 07-14-2016 07:39 PM

Wagner brake pads from RockAuto. Came in an odd box. If it weren't RA I would be suspicious.


H311RA151N 07-15-2016 09:45 PM


H311RA151N 07-16-2016 12:01 PM

Going to be putting as many of the new parts on as I can today. Will update.

H311RA151N 07-16-2016 06:26 PM


Replaced valve cover gaskets.


Replaced spark plugs.


Replaced the air filter.


Replaced the spark plug wires.


Replaced the distributor cap and rotor.


And replaced the radiator cap.

G. Wiffington 07-24-2016 12:11 PM

Looks good man! I love the hitch haha. I wonder what our CB's could tow!?

H311RA151N 07-25-2016 08:48 PM

I wont be towing anything with it. I think it's maybe for bikes? Like mountain bikes and such but not really sure. Awful bulky for just bikes...

H311RA151N 07-28-2016 11:15 PM

Flex pipe is damaged. So it leaks and sounds like shit. Bought a Bosal stock replacement downpipe from RockAuto and the factory style metal gaskets to go with it. $75 shipped.

H311RA151N 07-30-2016 08:59 PM

Downpipe is supposed to be here Monday. Will be great to have it nice and quiet. I can't stand exhaust leaks even the slightest.

Still need an oil change and the fuel filter replaced. Haven't got around to that yet.

H311RA151N 07-31-2016 03:00 PM

This motherfucker... :angry:

I ordered a Denso Radiator from RockAuto. $61.09 shipped and will be here Thursday. Good thing I have 41 hours of vacation, 16 hours sick time and a day off with pay certificate saved up... Wasn't planning on working on shit my whole vacation but it's looking more and more like I'm going to.


Vermonter 07-31-2016 07:52 PM

Nice little project. In for updates.

H311RA151N 07-31-2016 08:02 PM

I never wanted another project and it better not turn into one! :lol:

In all seriousness if this car turns into another project I'll sell it in a heart beat and not bat an eye.

I was/am expecting to do a little maintenance, take care of the brakes then drive it for a couple years with just the routine scheduled maintenance as advertised by the manufacturer.

If anything goes after I replace this radiator I'm done. I should have sold my 1993 EX when I had the chance.

H311RA151N 08-01-2016 03:48 PM

This is why I bought the new downpipe and gaskets. This video was taken with the windows up and the A/C on. :idiots: Wait till the end, I nail it to the floor for a bit. :lol:

Aaand the new Bosal replacement downpipe and gaskets. I ordered several gaskets and glad I did, I ended up with two that work. :tu:




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