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kota.ray10 06-27-2018 12:28 AM

93 cb7 auto to manual conversion with 96 accord parts
New to this page and new to CB7s. I have a 93 that is auto and I'm wanting to convert to manual. I just picked up my old 96 f22b2 5 speed Accord. I know the tranny will bolt up but I'm wondering if I can do the conversion with parts off of the 96 such as Pedals, tranny mount, rear mount and bracket, and everything else needed other than the ECU (or will the f22b2 ECU work). Also want to know if my auto axles will work or if they have to be cb7 manual axles only. Any info would be appreciated.

ukemike 06-30-2018 10:41 AM

I don't know much about the next gen accords, lots of parts are interchangeable, but I be surprised if the shifter cables are. I'd get those from a cb7 in a junkyard. You will need new axles. The manual cb7 has a two part left axle and a bearing and mount while the auto just has a really long left axle. I found this photo online of a set of manual axles. In the photo it IDs these as being for a 90-2002 accord, but the one on the left is either damaged and missing the splines or it is a different part.

You'll also have to install the clutch master and slave cylinders and the plumbing for them. I'd be surprised if these are a perfect match. You'll need to swap the pedal set too. That last part would be pretty intimidating to me. It is crowded and uncomfortable to work under there, and pedal sets can be hard to deal with. Actually several steps of this project would be daunting to me.This is a pretty involved thing you are planning. It might be why no one has commented yet.

cp[mike] 06-30-2018 10:48 AM

shifter cables and everything works, direct swap, except for the axles and transmission mount.

Youll need the 3-piece axles from a CB7 (or, mainly just the center Intermediate Shaft piece, then the CV axles you can get from a parts store). The intermediate shaft from the 96 accord could work if you were willing to swap around axle joints and rebuild and re-pack the grease and boots, but I don't recommend going that route.

The transmission mount is offered by a couple different companies, they sell a "manual conversion" mount that would fit onto your 96 manual transmission, and match the CB7 automatic engine bay without any modding: https://innovativemounts.com/collect...3-transmission

The main clutch line takes a bit of forcing to fit, so you may want to look into the "braided clutch line" option where you run a flexible braided line from the master cylinder on the firewall down to the slave cylinder on the transmission. Much easier to route into an existing engine bay rather than trying to utilize the big rigid stock one.

kota.ray10 07-01-2018 09:29 PM

I do appreciate the help guys. I know its a pretty touch job to do just never done one on a CB and wasn't familiar with if the parts would swap. Was just wondering on the tranny mount bcuz some of them are expensive and then I've seen people drill out a new hole so wasn't sure. Thanks again

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