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September 2015 - Oil in the spark plugs... not good! Visited Pick Your Part and bought a replacement valve cover for my engine. The paint used on the existing cover has not held up to the job and I didn't have time to strip and respray it.


Out with the old:

Things look good up top. Performed valve adjustment:

All done! New valve cover, gasket, upper and lower spark plug tube seals, PCV valve, cover washers, distributor and Denso wires and plugs. Set base timing:

I had initially done a complete distributor seal replacement because the inner seal had worn out, allowing oil to enter the housing. Oil and heat are definitely not good for wire insulation. In swapping out those seals, I severed or shorted some of the electrical connections inside, because the wires' insulators had simply crumbled to bits. ECU was throwing a code 4 (crank position sensor error). Had to buy a new distributor.
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