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July 9, 2017 - RSX Seats

I finally found a set of seats to swap in! Black 2006 RSX cloth seats with the side airbags in tact.

Separated the mounts with a drill and an angle grinder. I also disabled the auto-slide feature on the passenger seat by removing the spring and pull cable.

Found a welder to attach the mounts

Decided to paint the the upper covers. The pewter silver color is nice, but it doesn't go with my interior. 400 grit dry sanded, cleaned with alcohol and 3 coats of Dupli-Color black Trim & Bumper spray.

New vs old


Additionally, I gutted the side airbags and cut off the reclining foot pedal from behind the passenger seat.

These were a fantastic upgrade. I love the double locking sliders and the lumbar adjustment. These sit higher than my stock seats so I have the driver side adjusted all the way down. I'm 5'6" and it's fine for me. These are definitely a great OEM seat!
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