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July 25, 2017 - CD5 Side Skirts

Decided to take the plunge on some added aesthetics with CD5 side skirts and front mud flaps.

Started by gutting the body mounts and trimming off the lower mounting tab of the CD5 skirt

Drew a cut line 1" from the first angle of the CD5 skirt to allow it to sit closer to the body

This is all that remains of the original CB7 skirt. I only wanted the mounts because the body of the skirt doesn't allow the CD5 one to flush up to where I want it

Some careful measurements and then 3M outdoor double sided tape to attach the CB7 mounts to the CD5 skirt

Clipped up and ready to install

They snapped into place, just like the original ones did. I finished them off up front with the CD5 mud flaps

The only place the skirt is attached is on the top of the old CB7 skirt with the double sided tape. The eleven clips hold it firmly enough that I felt it didn't need any further reinforcement. I drilled two new holes in the CD5 mud flap to mate it with the mounts on the fender and everything screwed together nice and clean.

The center of the skirt does rub on the rear doors at their hinge, but it's very slight so I'm not worried about digging into the plastic.

With the front mud flap being so small, I opted to remove the rears since they didn't match up any more.
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