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Ultimate CB7 Paint Code Guide

OK, first off let's start with this:

All paint codes for Honda's are located in the door jam. The highlighted part displays the color code. These codes can contain both letters, dashes, and numbers. This is a photo of a real label from an actual Honda Vehicle.

Here is a list of every paint color name, code, and what years they came on (this is based on my research and may or may not be 100% accurate, although it is to my knowledge):

HONDA ACCORD (1990-1993)

Arcadia Green Pearl Clearcoat BG-30P 92-93
Alt. Blue Green Pearl Clearcoat B-67P 93
Bordeaux Red Pearl Clearcoat R-78P 91-97
Bright Blue Green Metallic Clearcoat BG-23M 91-93
Cappucino Brown Metallic Clearcoat YR-501 90-91
Cashmere Silver Metallic Clearcoat YR-505M 93-95
Champion White Clearcoat NHO 92-00
Charcoal Granite Metallic Clearcoat NH-531M 89-91
Cobalt Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-54P 90-93
Concord Blue Metallic Clearcoat B-58M 91-92
Frost White NH-538 90-97
Geneva Green Pearl Clearcoat G-62P 91-93
Granada Black Metallic Clearcoat NH-503P 88-96
Laurel Blue Metallic Clearcoat B-49M 89-91
Mulberry Red Pearl Clearcoat R-74M 90-91
Navajo Red Metallic Clearcoat R-70M 89-90
Opal Green Metallic Clearcoat G-73M 92-93
Pewter Gray Metallic Clearcoat NH-537M 90-92
Phantom Gray Pearl Clearcoat NH-561P 92-95
Phoenix Red R-51 88-91
Rosewood Brown Metallic Clearcoat YR-503M 92-93
Sebring Silver Metallic Clearcoat NH-552M 92-95
Solaris Silver Metallic Clearcoat NH-536M 91
Seattle Silver Metalic Clearcoat YR-94M 90-93
Laguna Gold Metallic Clearcoat YR-87M 87-90
Green Metallic Clearcoat BG-26M 90-91
Celestial Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-53P 91-93
Buckingham Blue Pearl Clearcoat B-59P 91

Heres a little pic i whipped up showing the breakdown visually:

also, here are the scans from a PPG paint chip book for 1990-1993 Honda's. Honda codes to the left of the chip, PPG codes underneath.

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