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Originally Posted by Jarrett View Post
Amazing work. Most of us are in awe of what your capabilities are when it comes to figuring out difficult projects. Thank you for taking as much time as I know even just this post took to contribute to this site. For those of us that have actually analyzed the issues presented by this install and the components theoretically required, we know exactly how difficult this was to come up with all of the information and assemble different parts to try them out. Not many people here will truly understand what you have invested in this and will still hope to order some parts and do it in a weekend. Bravo, good sir. Bravo.

One question, though. You mentioned that the older style units did not measure an engine temperature at an existings coolant temperature sensor, but inside the cabin. Why can't you simply obtain your signal from the sensor on the engine or a fan switch anyway? Would it be hotter at those points and outside of any parameters that the DCC would know how to handle? What's the reason?
Ptetty much, I thought about using an engine sensor but figured the temps would be different and the dcc was designed around a specific spot. That coolant sensor is also used by Range Rover in late model vehicles.
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