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4doors is cool... so far.
It's been a long time but I got another Cb7

It's been a long time sense I've been here, but somebody gave me a cb7 so I decided to build it. Not sure if I'm even allowed to post this here this place has so many rules. Anyway it's a 1990 original auto. I swapped it from auto to manual. I used a delta 272 cam and bisi springs and my old ported h23 intake. I cobbled together a 3" exhaust from my old cb7 and the old turbo manifold converted to a header until I turbo it this spring/summer. It's running on an aemv2. Pretty much stock other then that. This car is strictly to flog around in and have fun. I will be building a turbo kit for it. I have all most all my old parts form my previous cb7 build that are going on it. I'll try to keep updating as I go. I also have another f22 build going on that is pretty serious but it's a different chassis. I guess if I'm breaking the conduct rules you will line me out on where to post. Kale
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