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Chassis Strengthening / Engineering Analysis

Initial Known Variables ('92-'93) [using unverified data for now]:

Length (Coupe/Sedan) : 4704 mm (185.2 in.)
.... ......(Wagon) : 4745 mm (186.6 in.)

Width (Coupe/Sedan) : 1704 mm (67.1 in.)
.... ......(Wagon) : 1714 mm (67.5 in.)

Height (Coupe/Sedan) : 1326 mm (52.2 in.)
.... ......(Wagon) : 1351 mm (53.2 in.)

Wheelbase (All models) : 2720 mm (107.1 in.)

Curb Weight (All models) : 1237 kg (2728 lbs.)

Fluid Capacities

I need the naked sprung and unsprung weight.


I'm thinking once I get the car completely stripped, I can evaluate it better. Esentially, I will design the entire interior space in Catia V5 and apply various loasd to the structure in the form of real world predictability. It will not be certain, but it will give me a good idea where the weak points would be to inform me of where to properly brace. I'm thinking going with a tube structure that would transfer the various forces evenly throughout the tube structure. I also would like to incorporate the tube structure so that the original interior pieces can go back together without noticing the additions.
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