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GhostAccord seems to have made some friends! GhostAccord seems to have made some friends!
I recorded it last night... My wife saw his name and right away said, isn't that where you got your camshafts from? And here I thought she was never paying

I have purchased a few camshafts and valve train components from him and never had any issues with them. His parts are aftermarket race parts, states right on the site what ones are not street/emissions legal. So you get what you get. Although he did use some fabricators that used questionable practices when the demand for his headers got high. This was where you started to see some knowledgeable people start to push back. I was one of them who questioned his fabrication processes. Seemed that at this time, it had become more about the money than the customer. His past business practices and how he used to handle customer service was not very good.

Gotta give it to the guy though, he talks the talk and his parts walk the walk.
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