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I live in the Ozark hills. Basically all the roads are narrow, winding and either up hill or down hill. Last year we received 10"-13" of snow in 3 days. My CB at stock height with studded snow tires was useless. I wasn't going to do that again this year. Up until last year my CB has been really good in the snow. Just after about 8" it gets tough.

It doesn't need much. But what "has" to be done before winter is the entire future plans list... It's leaking out of everything it has, both differentials, oil pan valve covers, crank seals, transfer case, transmission, power steering pump. They are not "leaking" just seeping and wet. But still. I cannot have that. I'm OCD about some shit.

I hope to have it done in the next 6 weeks. Also not listed is the brake work I have to do on it as well. Cost is just under $1900 for the entire future plans with the brakes included.

Next year all that will be left is the suspension and I will rebuild the engine. Same heads just ported which can add 30-50hp to the D3VE heads it has. I will go all out when I rebuild it. Better rods, forged pistons, good rv cam and so on.

I want 300hp and 500ftlb out of it and I will be content. Which isn't hard at all to get.

I put the truck on the scales today and it weighed in at 6100lbs.

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Holy fuck, it's the weekend man.

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