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H311RA151N seems to have made some friends! H311RA151N seems to have made some friends!
Just bought the first parts for this thing.


Fel Pro Front Diff Gasket
Valvoline Gear Oil 80w-90 (2 Quarts)
Spicer 40710 Drivers Side Inner Axle Seal
Spicer 40773 Passenger Side Inner Axle Seal
Spicer 5-760X Front Axle U Joints (2)


Fel Pro Rear Diff Gasket
Permatex Ultra Black RTV
Valvoline Full Synthetic Gear Oil SAE 75W-140 (4 Quarts)

Cost me just under $300. The universal joints for the front shafts are direct from the manufacturer along with the seals. Do it once, do it right.

Next the engine will be getting some attention.
Every time I log in there are hardly any new posts. Several days can go by and there's only a couple pages worth at best of new posts. This place is seriously dwindling. Sad.

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