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92smokeaccord seems to have made some friends! 92smokeaccord seems to have made some friends!
Originally Posted by deevergote View Post
It's hard to take anything any way when you type like that. Please type like a human being.

The turbo doesn't 'hold' pressure. 92smokeaccord is right that it will eventually fail if it spins too fast. A stock F22A will blow up with far less than 20psi from a 14b.
yes the f22a is a war horse for broken ringlands..that motor could blow at 5psi or 15psi,could blow 10mins after install or 10 years.also depends on the tune and could spend all the money to get the setup and everything but the motor will be your bottle neck..on a stock f22a you can probably see 200whp all day everyday.i also want to say its about miles as many miles are on the motor you plan to boost?

my new turbo build
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