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Originally Posted by Jarrett View Post
Yes, they are the same. The only trunk differences between sedan and coupes are with the panel on he passenger side in cars equipped with ABS. The ABS computer is bolted to an inner frame member in the back of the car on '92-'93 EX/SEs and needs panels that allow for slightly more clearance. If your car does not have ABS, then this is not a restriction for you and any trunk panels will work. Even if it does, the panel will still go on, the computer just presses against it from the outside and skews it a bit.
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According to the links below they have the same part numbers but the images do look just a tiny bit different.

EDIT: Jarret beat me to it. I was too slow off the line

Wow. Thanks guys for the swift responses, a lot of good information here. I appreciate you guys!

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