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You can also just order a SPC/Ingalls camber kit and still maintain the relative geometry. It won't be the pretty tube control arms that you can get for civics/tegs but does it need to be? SPC offers two camber kits: +/-1.5deg and like -1.5 to -3.5deg IIRC. Check out the energy suspension kit for the bushings. It made the world of difference in my car. For the brakes look at the Wagon/prelude brake swap. All factory bolt on parts that again make a huge difference 10.2" vs 11.1" rotor and matching caliper. Not to mention the ROH swap that will make changing rotors doable as fast as the pad change. Find an EX in the JY or on craigslist that someone is parting out and grab the sway bars (at least the rear). Bump up your tires to some 205s. Hope this helps!
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