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Back in business

We're back in business. We are doing a bunch of work to get our car ready for the Thunderhill Lemons race in September. Our front end was a bit messed up if you've read this thread. I got some civic adjustable upper control arms. We also got some new shocks. The old ones were so bad. When we got them off one of the shafts was bent and the other was so loose you could compress it with one finger. Our brakes were also a disaster. So Tedd spent a day at the pick and pull and though we had looked up that they had several accord EXs and a few other relevant cars every one he went to had the nissin calipers. We have those and they suck because the only race pads you can get are bespoke from porterfield at $300 a pair! He did find a car with the Akebono's and he got the whole knuckle/wheel carrier unit. We also got new rotors and new front bearings.

A few weeks ago we got the new shocks on, and started replacing some of the bushings. Today we painted the car white as a starting point for our new theme. No fancy paint here my son and I rolled on some rustoleum. We also got the rotors and bearings on. Sounds simple but it was pretty epic. Great fun to.

We still have the rear shocks, more bushings, and more theme work to do. We also are going to get the A4 header on it finally, and Tedd's worked a deal with a guy he knows that will help us with the welding and get us a high flow muffler like a cherry bomb or something. Altogether if it doesn't break we expect to be much more competitive this time than we were at Sears Pointless in March.
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