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wagon-r seems to have made some friends! wagon-r seems to have made some friends!
Are you still running a F22 transmission? If so, your solution is a simple swap to a H22 or H23 manual.

Following are the gear ratios for the F22, H23, and H22:
F22 3.307 1.809 1.185 0.870 0.685
H23 3.307 1.950 1.360 1.070 0.870
H22 3.307 1.857 1.320 1.034 0.812

In addition, the final drive is 4.23 on the H22 and H23, compared with 4.06 on the F22. But the gear ratios are the biggest difference - the H22 and H23 have much closer gearing.

And it's an easy, direct swap. The F-series and H-series transmissions use the same case, so a direct bolt in.

Just stay away from the M2U4 transmissions used in the Prelude SH. This is a completely different transmission.
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