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ukemike is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by aventari View Post
Awesome race dude! Where do you live? I hope soon we can be at the same race together and have a CB7 party

Do you not have a GoPro on the car? PM me, I'm an engineer at GoPro
We do not have a gopro or a cool suit setup, or radios, or a cool RV. We are too low budget for any of that.

GoPro engineer huh? Do you work at the Clearview Way campus in San Mateo? I am involved with the environmental consulting on the garage construction project at that location. If I had a donated or loaned gopro I would make good use of it. If I had the money for one, I'd get car parts instead. The main reason I'd want a camera is to see how my team mates turn in faster laps than me.

I live in the North Bay and my team is trying to figure out if we will race at Sears Point in December. I've been covering the bulk of the cost so far, with substantial help from my team mates, but my wife is in grad school full time now so we have to live on my income alone. All racing, even crap-car racing, is expensive.
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