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Sleeper93accord is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by ukemike View Post
We are just about ready. We've got the a4 header and a race muffler installed. The suspension we upgraded before thunderhill was magnificent. We are debating getting another day or two out of our tires or starting with new tires. I got rid of the AC compressor. We have new stoptech rotors and porterfield pads. The brake fluid is flushed with fresh Redline 600 fluid. The oil is changed. We replaced the windshield. I think we are ready to race.

Tomorrow we will do some cockpit de-scuzzification and maybe give it a bit more of a wash before we take it around the block.

We are entered in Feb 13 and 14 LeMons race at Sears Point (currently called Sonoma Raceway). It's going to be a blast. Tonight I will be updating the blog, after I have some new pics up there I will get them up here as well.
Fun looking build!! Great job
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