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Originally Posted by G. Wiffington View Post
I thought that you would pick up on that thread about the Euro-R timing. I had no idea it was supposed to be at 12 Degrees. But, I did Google what an ideal timing would be for the 11:1 compression & other people who have that same compression do also set the timing to about 12 Degrees.

But, for your flywheel couldn't you just look at the mark for the 15 Degree mark & adjust the Distributor while also using an adjustable timing light?

How does your car run?? I mean if it is only off by 3 Degrees I can't imagine it would run too bad.

I literally had to turn the engine over by hand & clean off my markings with brake cleaner & a skinny paint brush to see it on my OEM flywheel.
Well I haven't really considered that option but I was curious of the effect of that 3 degree difference more than anything. I would imagine that there would be some loss of power. I really have no comparison as I have never ran my car with the Euro-R flywheel (and the aftermarket is a bit lighter so some perceived differences could be because of that). Considering how quickly things happen inside an engine and the forces involved I'd rather have my timing spot on than off even if by a small margin.
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