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Today didn't go nearly as well as I was hoping it would. I finished cleaning up the grime on the bottom of the underbody. All the cooling hoses are now hooked up. More misc electrical taken care of. I only managed to get one knuckle out of the car due to breaking my breaker bar on the axle nut on the drivers side.

Breaker Bar Broken 1

Breaker Bar Broken 2

Passenger Side Upper Control Arm Bad Ball Joint

Passenger Side Lower Bad Ball Joint

So after breaking my breaker bar and not wanting to break a second one. I've decided that I'll just get the passenger side done tomorrow. Get it put back together, then take it to the tire shop and have them break it loose for me. Once it's loose I'll disassemble the drivers side at home get the ball joints pressed out and in. Then I'll get it aligned. I've also ordered an Ultra Racing upper strut bar. I'll post up some pictures once it arrives. As usual there is more that I can't remember from today.
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