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Well after a long weekend I managed to forget my knuckle and upper control arm at home. So these will get dropped off tomorrow. Although I took this time to start putting the interior of the car back together after the wire tuck. I managed to get a few more things done tonight.

-Wiring under dash wrapped and routed
-Wiring all arranged to fit under trim pieces and otherwise hidden
-Vacuumed under carpet and surrounding area on passenger side (under ecu/tcu tray, misc)
-Blower Motor reinstalled
-Ecu and tcu mounted and installed
-Dashboard reinstalled
-Glove compartment reinstalled
-Carpet reinstalled on passenger and driver side

I still have a few misc item around the dashboard to reattach but otherwise it is complete. I still need to get the center console area figured out. A bracket needs to be installed somewhere for the JDM arm rest to screw into. I think it's been awhile since I've looked at it.

So after looking at how much larger the P14 ecu is than the PT6 I sat and pondered for a long time how I was going to make this gigantic P14 sit where the PT6 did and still hook up the ecu connectors. If they are pushed out too far they hit the plastic venting for the rear foot area. I finally decided to cut off 2 of the mounting tabs on the ecu and 1 one the tcu. This allowed me to shift over the tcu giving the ecu plugs enough room. I wasn't sure if this was going to work because the tcu plugs were so close to a mounting tab for the tray. The result was this.

ECU/TCU Mount 1

ECU/TCU Mount 2

ECU/TCU Installed

Dashboard and Glove Box Installed

Thats enough for tonight I think. It was a long day, I had to work at a satellite out of town today. Along with everything else on a Monday, with a sick GF and baby. I'd say I did alright for the night. I just can't believe I'm finally this close to actually having a running car. It's kind of dumb founding I've been waiting for this since I brought it home so many months ago.
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