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Managed to put in some more work last night. It took several hours of messing with the fenders, headlights and bumper to get them all aligned correctly. I didn't want the gaps looking bad by being large at the top and small at the bottom. So while I didn't get much more done than getting the bumper installed all the body lines look good now.

-Wiring finished
-Fender inner liners installed
-Mud flaps installed
-Grill installed

Front End 1 (Ignore the slight sag under the passenger marking light. The fender bracket isn't installed on that side yet. I need to pickup one of the retaining clips for it from Honda. It lines up very nice when holding it by hand.)

Front End 2

So I'm sure after all the wiring pictures and such, you have all noticed that there are no fog lights even though the harness is installed. Well when I bought the car one of the fog light housings was cracked and leaked water for who knows how many years. This totally rusted out the reflector, so I only have one usable fog right now. I'm trying to figure out if it's worth trying to get it re-chromed or if I should just buy a different one. I'll post of up some pictures of how bad it is today or tomorrow. Also I want to try and find an oem bumper cover first as well, since this is after market is had no markings on the inside for the pattern.
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