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Originally Posted by J-specCb4 View Post
this car is super nice. awesome attention to detail on this thing man. its cool you and your son can work on this together too.
Thanks for the compliment J-specCb4, means a lot coming from an original member. Especially since yours is one of the nicest on here. I haven't read all of your thread yet but yours is a beauty.

While I can't work on my car with my son yet hopefully soon. He's only 14 months right now. But he does spend time out in the garage with me in either his hi-chair or a pack-n-play. I usually give him some combination wrench's and a rachet. He absolutely loves it! His favorite thing though must be the steering wheel, when he gets to stand in the front seat.

Although in a few years I want to buy him a 5th gen OBDI and start building it up over the years, so he can have a nice reliable car to drive when it comes that time.
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