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Originally Posted by excalibur02 View Post
hmmm the way ST said to put the sway bar end links is weird. It just looks to unsafe with out the spacer and other washers.

I installed the rear Ultra Racing strut bar with my wagon compartment too. Your install looks clean. did you have to cut more to slide the bar through?

I tried to do it as clean as possible but yours looks better.
So I tried to cut circles but I didn't have the right blade for it. After cutting out my holes for the bar, I cut straight forward to the front of the covers. Here is a picture with a circle around the small cut that you can see. As I was installing them I just bent the panel around the bar till it's cut opening was around the bar. Now that I have some template, I'm going to pickup another pair at the junkyard and cut them with a hole saw for nice round holes. My covers have some stains on them that won't come out of the tan. So I need a new pair anyway.

Cut Panels for Ultra Racing Bar

Yeah the ST mounted a little weird but the little driving I've done I haven't noticed anything odd about it yet. Feels tight. I'll have a better review once it's got plates and insurance.

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