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Originally Posted by Rilas View Post
If any the current wires suffered damage wouldn't there be a safety issue? If the draw becomes too great it should kick the breaker on the battery.

Option B: A two way splitter with power going to the fuse box and the starter. While maintaining the wire from the alternator to the fuse box?

Also how likely are you to run the cable where it is going to sustain damage? Aside from some total freak incident that no one can predict where something just stupid happens.
My fear was the power wire i had running under the bumper going to the alternator. Rocks hit it, etc. and should I have a breaker at that point. Now I'm realizing that any breaker cannot take the amperage running through there and I'm just going to install a splitter. I would maintain the fuse box wire to alternator but the fuse box is now in the cabin and I also don't think the OEM wire will reach + the distance is longer which affect the 80amp fuse.

But I like your thinking. I'm going to simply run the fuse box and alternator wires to the same junction point now. The starter will be there too but it's only used on startup. So power should flow to fuse box and back to battery (when needed). Hope this will do. But if this fails then I will put the ALT straight back to the fuse box.
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