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Originally Posted by CyborgGT View Post
^230 with just mild cams and pistons, and it sounds like you're saying that's a low number?

Over the past couple weeks I have been realizing that I could easily surpass my comfort level with this project and be in way over my head doing the assembly myself. It won't be as fun in the meantime not being able to build as I get parts, but it's looking like that part will be best left to the professionals.
If you are willing to drop the coin on the appropriate measuring tools, you can do it.

Dont get scared of this. Its not rocket science, its just elaborate.

Measuring is the hard part. Most of the measuring is just addition and subtraction using small numbers and double checking everything.

You have to check;

-Crankshaft end play
-Clearance between crankshaft and mains
-Clearance between crankshaft and rods
-Piston to cylinder wall clearance

And that is pretty much it for the rotational assembly assuming you can trust the machine shop did everything correctly.

I double check everything that comes home from the machine shop and I feel that is a good idea. Some people don't, and find out the hard way that something is .15 off.

Assembly really isnt that difficult as long as you follow instructions well and take the time to do it right.

There is an investment involved in the tools required to do it correctly. Its up to you if you want to invest in tools and learning to do this yourself or just pay someone to do it. I would do it myself if i was you. Down the road it'll pay off 10 fold if you continue to play with cars/motors and such.

If this is your first build, I can almost promise you'll do it again. Its too much fun building engines to stop after you know how to do it. I bet you are already excited and wanting to touch stuff and bolt shit together.

The finished product is very empowering, especially when you can honestly claim "built not bought"
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im a douchebag to people and i don't even own a lambo. whats your point? we, douchbags, come in all sorts of shapes and colours.
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