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Originally Posted by gloryaccordy View Post
Why buy tools for a job he will do once and possibly do wrong, whereas he can pay professionals (probably less) to do the job right once?

As far as the chassis to put this in... I would go w/a 4th gen Lude or Civic
You act like it some impossible, super duper difficult thing to measure and do basic addition and subtraction.

With the appropriate tools in hand, and the knowledge to assemble it correctly, it really isnt that big of a deal. Im going to go out on a limb and say that you have never paid a machine shop the 500-800 they want in labor alone- JUST to assemble the rotational assembly. Or, if you have, you definetly haven't done it yourself and realized that the 200-300 in tools was worth the investment because it really is not that hard at all. Its time consuming and elaborate.

It is not rocket science. You don't even have to use multiplication or division.

Measure diameter of rod journal. Measure crank journal for rod location. Subtract crank journal size from from rod journal size.

Take that number, and subtract the desired clearance. The remaining number, order bearings in that size within your desired tolerance. If you need to alter bearings, count how many strokes with sand paper and do it carefully on each side.

Thats all you do to get rod's in correctly. Assuming they are balanced out of the box, and correctly assembled with wrist pin and piston. Machine shop should always be used for seating piston on rods. (my opinion)

Measure block journal for main bearings. Measure crank journal diameter. Subtract crank journal from block journal size. Take that number, subtract desired clearance.

Sound familiar? Ok, so whats next then?

Did I just teach you how to install a crank and rod combo?

Basically, I sure did just drop the basics on you. Sound difficult? Obviously you want to repeat this process for every journal/bearing, they will all be a tiny bit different.

Now that its all assembled, check end play. Check resistance on the crank. If it requires more than 30 ft/lbs of torque to turn crank, start over with looser clearances. If your endplay is out of spec, your assembly isn't tight enough.

Thats the jyst of it.

Checking piston to wall clearance is cake. Google that shit.

People should stop being so intimidated by putting together a rotational assembly. It is time consuming, it is not that hard.

Originally Posted by Joey GT-R View Post
Umm....I'm pretty sure the title says "CyborgGT's Build"?

Originally Posted by CyborgGT View Post
It's just too easy to have them knock it out while they're already sleeving the cylinders and machining everything.
Nothing wrong with that. I personally would rather do it myself. Sounds like you'll be looking at something close to $2000-$2,500 in machine shop charges. They'll want $500-$800 in labor alone to assemble everything. Most of the time anyways.

Maybe they will work a deal out with you.

Either way, don't psyche yourself out of doing it, in lieu of fear. It really isnt that hard my friend.
Originally Posted by wed3k View Post
im a douchebag to people and i don't even own a lambo. whats your point? we, douchbags, come in all sorts of shapes and colours.

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