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PR CB7 is cool... so far.
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230whp is achievable

so far experience i've gained from builds is
to get 240whp, 11.5 mahle slugs, skunk pro2, gears, skunk mani +70mm tb and kidd racing header

and to get 280whp,darton m.i.d, 13.1 JE k24 pistons,f22 bottom skunk mani, 70mmtb, skunk pro3, gears, ferrea, kidd racing header

so with some mahle's and pro2 you should be pretty good, although the only downfall i saw on using skunk cams is forget about your low-end, these cams really shine @vtec, a type s cam will show better numbers on low-cam
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Just do what PR CB7 said.

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