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Originally Posted by MortsAccord View Post
Block guards don't leak. Gaskets do, a absent minded install could cause some cyln warping, but it would have to e on the edge of complete ignorance for the guard itself to cause a leak.

Im for them if you do it right. Few people heat cycle their blocks and then have them bored. But they are in no way as strong as sleeving. It just depends on the cost to the builder/enthusiast. If you can get a guard installed right for 200 including overbore, decking the block, line boreing and milling the head because you know people. Screw sleeves unless you got extra money or obsess over a prefect build.

Water jackets only become a real problem when the guard is installed too close to the top of the block. Any closed deck engine runs hotter than an open deck, block guarded engines aren't as bad as a closed deck as far as cooling goes.
I'll take your word on it.

Since he's not doing a crazy build I believe the block guard isn't necessary. If anything he can do a Darton Dry or Wet Sleeve for around $700 installed. He can bore those out to 88-90mm without worrying about weakening the integrity of the sleeves. But I would like him to crack his open to see if he is even open deck in the first place. I've never seen a 97 JDM block before.....he might have the only option of sleeving. But he might be right in that it is open deck regardless of USDM or JDM.
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