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PakaloloHonda is cool... so far.
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Originally Posted by samuri88 View Post
nah its okay bro...i seen n read alot of your stuff back in the day.
so i know you. lol
Yes! I remember you from back then also!
Shit, we've been here a while huh?
But all the knowledge that I have about these great cars, is about 99.9% from right here at CB7T
I'd like to make a motion for a CB9T?

Seriously, some incredible talent here along with some of the best looking Accords anywhere!
Cool to know that you're back .. (that'll teach me to not look at thread dates!)
Originally Posted by samuri88 View Post
but yo that a very clean wagon
Man, thanks. And I just stumbled upon it too .. jus bored and was searching the net ..
BAM! lol!

Kina like gurls .. look for it and ye shall not find .. lmao!
But when you're not looking for it, it's like you're a freakin chick magnet.
Is it me ? Or .. are there all of a sudden a "plethora" of CB9's showing up on the site?

My CB9/Wagon Thread Start to Finish:
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