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9tAkord is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by GeoffM View Post
I've had this idea for a while now. It seems like it's working well.
I like the beam style of blade. It seems to wipe and perform better.
But, Rain X or Bosch run $20 each, so $40 every time you want new blades.
After some research, I realized that the newer Hondas had this I beam style, with replaceable inserts. I had the blades leftover from my moms old 08 Accord, and the passenger side works well.

Le video:

Drivers side:
76620-SLN-A11 for the "beam" $27.88 Rubber included, good to go
76622-SLN-ALL for the "rubber" $5.75

Passenger side:
76630-TA0-A01 for the "beam" $free, already had it
76632-TA0-A01 for the "rubber blade" $5.28

I'm particularly proud of this one. Nice and cheap and a good upgrade.
Driver side is from '08 Fit
Passenger side is from '08 Accord
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