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Random Welding *Tig* and Fab...*Pics*

Hi, some of you guys might remember me I've been a member here for quite awhile just wanted to share some random photos. I now work at a community college in the Welding Dept. and am very close to finishing my A.S in Welding Technology and an A.S for Engineering Software. I LOVE Tig welding it's my favorite process but I'm decent at Mig and Stick also. I've also been doing side jobs here and there and have been amassing a tool empire lol

This was some scrap I had laying around, rusted 1/4" angle Iron...

My buddy took the good pics I took all the crappy ones lol

Here's a collector Jig I made for building merge collectors...

Cut up a 330cf Argon Cylinder that was bad and started to make a stand..

More random welding..

This weld is hiding back there lol

Automotive Service and Fabrication In SOCAL!!
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