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sikz6 is cool... so far.
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Originally Posted by Laguna7 View Post
Thanks everyone.. Yea most of the stuff up there is just scrap metal to practice on and alot of those pics were taken at school. The chrome stuff I notched is not even tubing it's 1 3/8's pipe lol I mostly Tig weld alot of steel: mild, cast iron,stainless, chromoly, DOM and aluminum & cast aluminum I've even tried magnesium. That's why I love the Tig you can almost weld anything lol I do the occasional Mig welding also, usually when welding on the car where it's too dirty to Tig like body panels. Sikz6 Is your boyfriend Arron Garcia? I lurk the fab section on Honda Tech daily haha and he does top notch work, I'd like to get as good at welding as he is I think i've been doing alright though I have only been Tig welding for year and a half, I'll be sure to update this when I do some more work. Cheers
Oh gotcha. nice! Yeah with tig you can pretty much weld anything.

Yep that's him!
He got chosen for this website called "Fab Life" which he'll be starting soon. Basically blogging his work like he's been doing on honda tech and azht.

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