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Laguna7 is cool... so far.
Yea, I am a student Instructor for the Tig class at my college. I hold 1 hr lab sessions and 1 hr class lectures and I'm a lab aid so I get to help people learn in the classroom and psychically help them in the lab. It's been a great experience, It really made me better welder because I can look at what people are doing wrong and show them how to correct it. So when I'm making mistakes or bad welds I'm able to figure out what I need to change. Strech JDM my first instructor at college was a pipe fitter, he taught me how to Tig and he's the best Tig welder I've personally seen. It's funny because I just took Tig again with his friend and he is a fabricator at a famous hot rod shop and he welds COMPLETELY different. It's funny how people in different industry's have completely different views on the same thing.

What up TypeG! I knew someone would remember me haha I basically had gotten the Accord back from getting the cage and it was sitting outside my house no doors, front end waiting to be put back together and I came outside for work one morning and the wheels had gotten stolen. They weren't the best rims on earth but I still dropped $1300 on them, So It really pissed me off and made me lose interest in the car. I basically parted out the stuff I had motor, trans, lights, what not and gave the stripped shell to Tony *raceboy* for free lol The only thing I kept was the suspension, my brother modified it to fit the civic I had and I eventually gave him the civic haha
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